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Jelly Bean OTA For Galaxy Nexus: No Wipe, Just Candy

Jelly Bean 4.2 came out today for the Galaxy Nexus. Many will get the OTA, many will have to wait. If you don’t want to wait, if you don’t want to root, if you don’t want to unlock, if you don’t want to wipe… Then the following can be followed at your own risk. The details are simple and they worked for my phone. I can’t guarantee they’ll work for your phone. My phone was a yakju and I loaded the takju image on it a long, long time ago. That process requires a wipe, but let’s proceed to the current process. You need a few

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things. The Android Platform Tools that has the adb in them and the new OTA update.


  1. (short link to Android SDK)
  2. (short link to the Android OTA for the takju GSM phone)

Directions (see warning below):

  1. Follow the setup guide for the Android SDK
  2. Download the client
  3. Power off your Galaxy Nexus
  4. Holding the volume buttons and press and hold the power should bring you to the Fastboot menu (note if you’re in the Odin menu then you need to press power to exit and restart at step 3)
  5. Use the volume up/down to navigate to “Recovery mode” and press power to select bringing you to a dead android with a red exclaimation trigon
  6. Press volume up and then press power at the same time which is important because if you’re timing is wrong you just need to repeat this step until you get your rhythm
  7. A blue menu should appear using the volume up/down to navigate again highlight “apply update from ADB” and press power to select it
  8. The device will
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    ask you to run adb sideload filename (note that older version of adb don’t support sideload so go to step 1 and back to this step if you need to

  9. From here the platform specifics are different but I run Linux and from the folder platform-tools in the Android sdk I issued “./adb devices”
  10. This will restart/start the adb daemon and if you upgraded the sdk it will also kill the adb daemon if it’s out of date
  11. Once you see your device in the list proceed
  12. The final command is “./adb sideload
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  13. The phone will take around five minutes to apply the update and the subsequent reboot will take longer than usual but after you’re running Android 4.2
  14. Enjoy!

Warning: Remember following these steps can brick your phone. I personally have accidentally bricked my HTC Hero following guides like these. Proceed with caution and when in doubt just wait for the OTA. I take no responsibility for the instructions I’ve put up

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if it breaks your phone.


Update: I had two links today. The link will download the original Nexus 7 (wifi only) image. This image is reputed to only work with the original Nexus 7. The instructions should work for both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7. I didn’t have a Nexus 7 to try this out on.

Lower Power Tethering: Get More Spend Less (Power)

Got a Galaxy Nexus phone? Want to tether but want to use less power? Or do you want to tether in a more secure way? Bluetooth tethering is supported on the Galaxy Nexus. Simply go to Settings -> More -> Tethering & portable hotspot.

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Activate Bluetooth tethering. Simply turn turn on Bluetooth on both devices and pair them.

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On the device you want to connect your phone you will need to make sure it’s using the Internet sharing profile for the Nexus. Depending on the device, you may need to connect. You should be online via Bluetooth tethering. Remember that this may or may not be in violation of your terms of service with your carrier.